Your individual checkout-area

Compact checkout-zone according your needs


Shifting demographics, customisation, e-commerce, pressure from competition – retail trade is currently facing broader challenges than almost any other sector. Customers are looking for greater individuality and flexibility, while the consumer segments themselves are becoming increasingly small. One area of retail that is particularly affected by these developments is the checkout: whether it is overstaffed cash registers or long customer queues – both of these situations have negative repercussions for retailers. So why not integrate a checkout area that matches the customer desire for individuality and flexibility?

Your benefits with our system

  • inwardly standard, outwardly individual
  • convenient combination of all checkout forms to meet requirements
  • rapid adaptation of the checkout zone to satisfy customer needs
  • efficient solution despite substantial individuality
  • one face to the customer to provide comprehensive assistance

‘Harmonious checkout area to meet all needs’

Here, Polygon products cater to the entire range of conceivable concepts – from traditional checkout procedures and simple payment stations with cashless options through to complete systems that handle the entire checkout process. Polygon also has suitably innovative solutions for ‘personal self-scanning’.

Our systems have already gained the approval of high-profile customers. We also deliver cost-effective solutions, despite the substantial degree of individuality. Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, has trusted in our systems for several years now, and currently uses the ‘subito’ system to generate a substantial portion of its total revenue. We are certain that you will find our references convincing!

Flexible customers love flexible checkout systems

All Polygon products provide functionality and effective processes. Moreover, they consist of freely combinable modules that enable a variety of customisation options, using our special panel technology to ensure simple access and interchangeability of individual components. Further, they are entirely barrier-free and possess an ergonomic design to suit the individual users, facilitating a broad variety of combinations that deliver ideal solutions to accommodate your specific requirements or the particular circumstances on the ground.

You will find additional information on our full product range in the List of services.