Product design and engineering as a team performance

Polygon's practice of interdisciplinary teamwork stands out as the company's defining strength. After all, effective and innovative product development can only succeed based on close cooperation between product designers and engineers. Only in this way can the whole variety of different factors – look and feel, technology, function or costs of manufacture – be brought together in one ideal concept.

Our development team keeps a keen eye on all these factors to create the best possible solution for your technical products.

Product design between look, feel and technology

Our product designers are focused on creating and developing series products that meet the following main considerations: look and feel, housing development, user interfaces, materials and rapid prototyping. They are mindful of every aspect that future users will see or touch, focussing on aesthetic quality, product personality and customer affinity. We use our CAD systems to visualise even the most nascent ideas, enabling tight control over geometric, mechanical or financial specifications from the very inception.


The engineering of innovative developments

The following premise describes in a nutshell how Polygon engineers approach technical and mechanical concepts for innovative products: to enhance function at low cost of production. In this context, aspects such as ergonomics, vandal-proofing, reliability and manufacturing costs are tailored precisely to suit customer requirements. Frequently this yields entirely new products – adding to our already numerous patents.

We manage this process with our enterprise-wide CAD/CAM system, used by everyone involved. Using this system, the experts can directly access data needed for rapid prototyping, FDM printing, tool construction, FEM analyses and the like.

At Polygon, seven defining principles characterise each stage in the development process, delivering the certainty needed for successful products:


The awards we receive clearly confirm the innovative strength we deliver. On many occasions our customers have also expressed how we provide "more creative ideas than others." This means we create a broad spectrum of design perspectives for new developments or elevate tried and true products to a new level. This innovation frequently enables us to register patents.

Technical expertise

Even the best ideas are worthless if they are technically infeasible. Close cooperation between designers and engineers delivers practicable and functional concepts. Polygon can draw on expertise in all relevant manufacturing procedures – from small to large-scale series, from metal to plastic. This is how we successfully translate your idea into practical reality!


Inimitable design and clear market positioning contribute decisively to the success of any product. Products are set apart by their personality and distinctiveness, creating the brand identity needed to claim a position in the marketplace.


Polygon provides 3D virtualisation of all spatially relevant, technical and ergonomic factors from the very start. This produces a realistic model to act as the safest foundation for all decisions. Tight controls on geometric, mechanical and financial specifications are an additional benefit in this procedure.

A thorough approach

We sharpen our tools thoroughly before we get going as a team: functional processes, manufacturing procedures, identification of target groups, analyses of competition and the market as a whole and ergonomic requirements. All of these factors influencing the form and function are researched, assessed and documented in advance. This is the only way for innovative and mature products to emerge.

No specialisation

Polygon develops and completes products for a broad variety of industries. Toothbrushes, cognac bottles, ocular lasers, packing stations or terminal systems – each project comes with new challenges for design and engineering. But the process also yields synergy effects and transfer of know-how that benefit all customers.

"Solid" results

The designs are defined as solid models in a 3D engineering system. We use a uniform CAD system, from the initial idea to checking outturn samples. We deploy this method to boost efficiency, reduce development times and cut costs in each phase.

What customers say

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"A big thank you for the punctual delivery of all services, some of which were no doubt challenging. We picked the right partner in Polygon!"

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The venture we are currently engaged in together with Polygon represents a significant milestone and paradigm shift in our 'Packstation history' to date ..."

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH

"I was thrilled to work with a company like Polygon. They showed immense creative drive, expertise and professionalism. It took just 8 weeks from the initial idea to production of the systems!"

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"Polygon developed our new Payback terminal. Everything went smoothly thanks to the excellent and fair project management.

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH

"Polygon handled its well-crafted redesign of the new GALERIA terminals in a truly professional and reliably manner. This creative solution is ideal in ensuring the terminals are barrier-free and easy to service."

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"After conducting thorough research the market, we decided that the new solution by Polygon best suits our needs. Its sophisticated and flexible hardware solution is convincing  …"

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH

"We are certain that the terminals will be used far more now. Our customers are thrilled that they can print coupons for the points they collect, then redeem the vouchers here in our stores."

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"Polygon's pragmatic approach to solving problems makes it an important partner when innovative products are needed"