BMW World – information terminals

BMW World – information terminals

Polygon created the information terminals at BMW World, opened in October 2007. BMW was particularly concerned that the terminals should fit in well with the architectural design and the overarching concept at BMW World.

The architecture allows the interior to be bathed in light, which placed particular challenges on ensuring legibility of the displays. But a suitable solution was found nevertheless using a combination of variable tilting angles and transreflective systems that adjust the luminance of the display to suit ambient brightness. The stainless steel keypad with entirely seamless Piezo technology presents an additional highlight in the system engineering. The surfaces, blending glass with stainless steel, give the terminals a technically precise look while equally ensuring they are easy to clean.

What customers say

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"A big thank you for the punctual delivery of all services, some of which were no doubt challenging. We picked the right partner in Polygon!"

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The venture we are currently engaged in together with Polygon represents a significant milestone and paradigm shift in our 'Packstation history' to date ..."

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH

"I was thrilled to work with a company like Polygon. They showed immense creative drive, expertise and professionalism. It took just 8 weeks from the initial idea to production of the systems!"

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"Polygon developed our new Payback terminal. Everything went smoothly thanks to the excellent and fair project management.

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH

"Polygon handled its well-crafted redesign of the new GALERIA terminals in a truly professional and reliably manner. This creative solution is ideal in ensuring the terminals are barrier-free and easy to service."

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"After conducting thorough research the market, we decided that the new solution by Polygon best suits our needs. Its sophisticated and flexible hardware solution is convincing  …"

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH

"We are certain that the terminals will be used far more now. Our customers are thrilled that they can print coupons for the points they collect, then redeem the vouchers here in our stores."

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"Polygon's pragmatic approach to solving problems makes it an important partner when innovative products are needed"