Renowned companies count on Polygon

Polygon develops innovative series products in close cooperation with renowned companies. They are united in trusting our experience and expertise. Click on the logos to read more about how we cooperate with customers.

Logo Autostadt GmbH
Customer: Autostadt GmbH, Wolfsburg, Germany
2000/2001 Kinetic information terminal
2001 Glass POI terminal
2001 Employee information point
BASF AG logo
Customer: BASF AG, Ludwigshafen, Germany
2000 FlatMan – Polygon terminal
BMW AG logo
Customer: BMW AG, Munich, Germany
Bosch Telekom GmbH logo
Customer: Bosch Telekom GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1998 Mobile phone
Braun AG logo
Customer: Braun AG, Kronberg, Germany
2000 Upgrade in the razor range
Citibank Privatkunden AG &Co. logo KGaA
Customer: Citibank Privatkunden AG &Co. KGaA, Düsseldorf, Germany
2005 ATM machines
Customer: Deutsche Post AG – DHL Vertriebs GmbH, Bonn, Germany
1997 Counter terminal
dm logo
Customer: dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG, Karlsruhe, Germany
2000 Multimedia health kiosk
2004 POI
2006 Venlo tabletop device
2007 Pharma point
Esselte Leitz GmbH
Customer: Esselte Leitz GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
1999 - 2001 Various punch and binding machines
ESSER logo
Customer: Novar GmbH, a Honeywell Company, Neuss, Germany
Ferbedo logo
Customer: Ferbedo
2004 Carver, steerable sledge
2005 Porsche balance bike
2006 Tiger Duck
Fraport logo
Customer: CustomerFraport AG, Frankfurt am Main
1997 Flight display terminal
Logo Customer:	Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, Dortmund, Germany 2002Tower24 – Goods handling moduleLinkLink
Customer: Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, Dortmund, Germany
Ferbedo Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH
Customer: Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH, Krefeld, Germany
2007 Multifunctional terminal
Kaufhof Innovation & Medien GmbH, Cologne, Germany
Customer: Kaufhof Innovation & Medien GmbH, Cologne, Germany
2001 Universal customer terminal
2011 Digital signposts
2012 Universal customer terminal – 2nd generation
Hessische Staatskanzlei logo
Customer: Hessische Staatskanzlei, Wiesbaden, Germany
2004/05 Media walls
Höft&Wessel logo
Customer: Höft & Wessel AG, Hanover, Germany
1998 Check-in terminal
iPV logo
Customer: IPV GmbH, Hungen-Inheiden, Germany
Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH logo
Customer: Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH, Essen, Germany
2008 Happy-digit terminal
Mazda Motor Europe GmbH logo
Customer: Mazda Motor Europe GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany 
2006 Information terminal
medDV GmbH logo
Customer: medDV GmbH, Gießen, Germany
2009 Hand-held PC NIDApad
Daimler Chrysler AG logo
Customer: Daimler Chrysler AG, Stuttgart, Germany
1998 Multimedia
Merck KGaA logo
Customer: Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
2005 Health and safety instruction terminal (checkPOInt)
Logo Messer Griesheim GmbH
Customer: Messer Griesheim GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1992 Autogenous devices
Migros logo
Customer: Federation of Migros Cooperatives for the 10 Migros Cooperatives, Zurich, Switzerland
Nestlé Deutschland AG logo
Customer: Nestlé Deutschland AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
2001 - 2003 Maggi Cooking Studio terminal
Opel AG logo
Customer: Adam Opel AG, Rüsselsheim, Germany
1999 Trade show event, helmet shafts
2000 Trade show event Media Chair
Playmobil geobra Brandstätter GmbH logo
Customer: Playmobil geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG, Zirndorf, Germany
1998 Children's terminal
Postbank Service GmbH logo
Customer: Postbank Service GmbH, Bonn, Germany
2000 Redesign of Friends&Family Brokerage
Real Group Holding GmbH logo
Customer: Real Group Holding GmbH, Mönchengladbach, Germany
2007 Payback terminal Punktomat
REWE Group logo
Customer: REWE Group – REWE Informations-Systeme GmbH, Cologne, Germany
2011 Self-scanning system
Rodenstock logo
Customer: Rodenstock GmbH, Munich, Germany
Rowa Automatisierungssysteme GmbH logo
Customer: Rowa Automatisierungssysteme GmbH, Kelberg, Germany
BMW AG logo
Customer: RWE AG, Essen, Germany
2009 Health and safety instruction terminal
Samsung Electronics GmbH logo
Customer: Samsung Electronics GmbH, Schwalbach / Ts., Germany
2009 Mobile phone terminal for the subsidiary Cheil
Schwind eye-tech solutions logo
Customer: Schwind eye-tech solutions, Klein Ostheim, Germany
Siemens AG logo
Customer: Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany
1998 Jewellery terminal (Kaufhof)
1998 Package station (DHL)
2012 Hand-held checkout terminal
2013 Employee terminal
Logo SSI Schäfer NOELL GmbH
Customer: SSI SCHÄFER NOELL GmbH, Giebelstadt, Deutschland
Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn, Germany, logo
Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn, Germany
2006/07 Mobile phone card terminal
Logo ThermoFischer GmbH
Customer: Fisher Scientific GmbH, Schwerte, Germany
Volkswagen Transport AG logo
Customer: Volkswagen Transport AG, Wolfsburg, Germany 
1998 Wall terminal

What customers say

Migros logo

"A big thank you for the punctual delivery of all services, some of which were no doubt challenging. We picked the right partner in Polygon!"

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The venture we are currently engaged in together with Polygon represents a significant milestone and paradigm shift in our 'Packstation history' to date ..."

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH

"I was thrilled to work with a company like Polygon. They showed immense creative drive, expertise and professionalism. It took just 8 weeks from the initial idea to production of the systems!"

real logo

"Polygon developed our new Payback terminal. Everything went smoothly thanks to the excellent and fair project management.

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH

"Polygon handled its well-crafted redesign of the new GALERIA terminals in a truly professional and reliably manner. This creative solution is ideal in ensuring the terminals are barrier-free and easy to service."

UKM logo

"After conducting thorough research the market, we decided that the new solution by Polygon best suits our needs. Its sophisticated and flexible hardware solution is convincing  …"

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH

"We are certain that the terminals will be used far more now. Our customers are thrilled that they can print coupons for the points they collect, then redeem the vouchers here in our stores."

dm logo

"Polygon's pragmatic approach to solving problems makes it an important partner when innovative products are needed"