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Polygon has won numerous awards since its inception in 1991. The underlying business idea and numerous projects or products are all prizewinners.
Customers frequently heap praise on Polygon's innovative drive, "the unique blend of design and engineering", also the "effective style of developing products."


2017#TOP 100 seal#Polygon was awarded for its innovation management and innovation successes the third time in a row

Obertshausen - Polygon - Produktdesign, Konstruktion, Herstellung GmbH was added to the innovation elite of the "Top 100" for the third time in a row at the German SME Summit in Essen on 23rd of June 2017.


Ranga Yogeshwar ehrt das Obertshausener Unternehmen Polygon

Verleihung Top 100 Siegel

2013#IF product design award#Room control device THANOS by Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH

THANOS, the multifunctional room control device developed by Polygon, is used to record temperature and humidity and at the same time to operate heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and blinds in single rooms. What makes THANOS special is its ability to unite and control a series of customised operations in just one device.
THANOS room control deviceTHANOS comes with a high-res 3.5" TFT graphic display, a real glass touchscreen interface with intuitive operation and a handy clip featuring three freely programmable functions. The larger version also has up to eight capacitive touch sensor keys. Optionally equipped with a variety of different bus systems used in facility management – including KNX, LON or Modbus – the product software is able to communicate bidirectionally with the trendsetting wireless system EnOcean.

THANOS is installed on a single flush-mounted socket and sits flat against the wall (the device is just 18.5 mm thick). Its design is neutral and reduced to a mere display of its functions. The handy clip made of anodised aluminium is the true eye-catcher, lending the device an interesting and very distinct look.

The device came home from the 2013 IF Award a prize-winner in the building category.

2009#Nomination for the 2009 German Design Award#Glass POI terminal for VW Autostadt

The POI (Point of Information) is already the second generation of terminals that Polygon designed on behalf of Autostadt, This marked a continuation of the successful cooperation between Autostadt and Polygon in the field of terminals that started in 2000 with the development and production of the predecessor model, a kinetic information lollipop.

POI (point of information)The innovative use of glass as a supporting element, also the new projective-capacitive technology that permits operation of the touchscreen through the glass, convinced the international jury just as much as the clear, transparent design that reflects the architectural style of the surrounding environment and hence ensures that the terminals fit seamlessly into the overall layout of the park.

The ministries of trade and industry and the economic senators from the German federal states, also the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, put forward the nomination for the 2009 German Design Award.

2009#Nomination for the 2009 German Design Award#Viewguard motion sensor by Novar

The PIR (passive infra-red) motion sensors used in burglar alarms are parts of the comprehensive corporate design concept that Polygon developed on behalf of NOVAR, one of the leading providers of fire protection and facility security systems.

Viewguard motion sensor by NovarEach of the individual components across the entire product range is defined by clear geometric forms and tight surfaces. This created a uniform language of design extending across all essential aspects within a facility security system, from the smoke detectors to the manual alarms and the fire detection control panel.

The German federal states' Ministries of Economic Affairs as well as their Economic Senators and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, put forward the nomination for the 2009 German Design Award.

2008#2008 Industry Award by Initiative Mittelstand#Ocular laser Amaris by Schwind eye-tech solutions

The exciplex laser we designed is used to correct vision. It comes with a whole variety of technological innovation. For instance, the electrically powered laser arm can be swivelled by 90°, which is a particularly useful feature when preparing to operate on patients.

Ocular laserAmaris won with the coveted Industry Award 2008 in the medical engineering section, organised by Initiative Mittelstand, a non-profit organisation that promotes the interests of small to medium-sized enterprises.

The jury made particular mention of the laser's outstanding design, also its innovative technology that enables physicians to perform operations on the eye with far greater precision and in less time.

2008#"Innovation Product 2008" by Initiative Mittelstand#Access control scanner prime crystal scanner by Primion Technology AG

The access control scanners are offered as proximity scanners with or without keypads and also as scanners with integrated fingerprint sensors.

Access control scanner prime crystal-scanner by Primion Technology AGBattery-operated ID scanners without power cords permit wireless communication and data transmission. Coloured LEDs, mounted in a beautifully crafted housing, create astonishing, freely definable colour highlights that make the entire frame light up.

This means that standby colours and incident alarms can be customised to suit the specific requirements. Information is entered using the keypad sensors to guarantee maximum user comfort.

Initiative Mittelstand awarded the prime crystal scanner its title of "Innovation Product 2008". It fended off 1,500 fellow entries from throughout Germany, clearly demonstrating its added value, innovative nature and suitability for use in small to medium-sized enterprises.

2008#Medical Design Excellence Award 2008#Ocular laser Amaris by Schwind eye-tech solutions

Polygon designed Amaris, an ocular laser. It enables surgeons to perform operations with far greater precision and in less time.

Ocular laserThe laser convinced the international jury at the Medical Design Excellence Award in the United States thanks to its clear lines, excellent handling and innovative technology. The Schwind Amaris came home from this competition, the most prestigious international contest in the sector of medical engineering, with an award in the Surgical Equipment Category.

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"A big thank you for the punctual delivery of all services, some of which were no doubt challenging. We picked the right partner in Polygon!"

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The venture we are currently engaged in together with Polygon represents a significant milestone and paradigm shift in our 'Packstation history' to date ..."

Galeria Kaufhof GmbH

"I was thrilled to work with a company like Polygon. They showed immense creative drive, expertise and professionalism. It took just 8 weeks from the initial idea to production of the systems!"

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"Polygon developed our new Payback terminal. Everything went smoothly thanks to the excellent and fair project management.

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"Polygon handled its well-crafted redesign of the new GALERIA terminals in a truly professional and reliably manner. This creative solution is ideal in ensuring the terminals are barrier-free and easy to service."

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"After conducting thorough research the market, we decided that the new solution by Polygon best suits our needs. Its sophisticated and flexible hardware solution is convincing  …"

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"We are certain that the terminals will be used far more now. Our customers are thrilled that they can print coupons for the points they collect, then redeem the vouchers here in our stores."

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